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traditional recipe since 1945

Pure blend of Dominican Republic Coffee Beans

Balanced & Intensely Aromatic: Coffee connoisseurs love the naturally sweet, creamy taste of this medium-dark roast arabica coffee, which features a touch of cacao to round out the smooth, bold flavor.

From the Coffee Capital of the World: This premium ground coffee is made of beans from the highest mountains in the Dominican Republic — one of the top java producers in the world.

Hand Picked, Expertly Roasted: Our artisan coffee is manually harvested by local workers, then processed in a state-of-the-art facility in the Cibao region according to strict quality standards.

Great Hot or Cold: Looking for cold-brew coffee grounds? Customers love to put this exotic coffee on ice or enjoy it piping hot. It's delicious with a splash of cream and sugar, or black.

100% Money-Back Guarantee: Our fine Caribbean coffee (a secret family blend 40+ years old) is backed by our commitment to your satisfaction. Love the taste or get your money back.

Are you a card-carrying coffee connoisseur, looking to break the morning monotony of the same-old brew? Reinvigorate your taste buds with a single sip of the finest Arabica beans on the planet from Monte Real Gourmet Coffee.

Hand harvested in the mountaintops of the Dominican Republic, Monte Real Gourmet Coffee is the only Dominican coffee made with a light touch of cacao. This subtle chocolate note provides the ideal finish for perfectly balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity. No bitterness — just a smooth, creamy texture that can be enjoyed black or with your favorite coffee adds.

== > One 400-gram bag (14.1 oz.)
== > Finely ground
== > Good for hot or cold brewing
== > Medium / dark roast
== > Subtle chocolate notes
== > From hand-picked beans
== > Harvested & packed in Dominican Republic
== > Resealable package

Monte Real Gourmet Coffee is made for real coffee lovers. From our rigorous selection of Arabica beans to our skilled roasting process, we strive to ensure the finest quality product… resulting in incomparable flavor and aroma.

Take that first sip, and you'll see why one customer called our exclusive family blend "the best coffee I have ever tried."

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It's not that I'm a barista, but the aroma, color, and body of the Café Monte Real is unique to me. It's not that I'm very fond of flavored coffees, but the touch of cocoa is so soft you can barely feel it. In my house, office, and friends we always have a package.

John Robert, CA

I love the touch of cocoa flavor that this coffee has, since the touch is very light, and the whole body of coffee is felt. Personally, I like the smell that comes out of the coffee machine every morning. I have tried several coffees in the Dominican Republic, and I can say very confident that this is for me the best.

Bobby Jones, FL

Many years ago around the year 1996, I was visiting the Dominican Republic, and I tried this excellent coffee. Since then I am a lover of this Monte Real brand, for me, it is the best coffee I have tasted in a long time. I am very happy to find it for sale in the USA.

Tricia Alice, IL

Our History

The José Paiewonsky firm began operations in December 1945, in the city of Puerto Plata, as a product of the initiative of José Paiewonsky Braudo, with the aim of starting the export of certain products such as cocoa, corn, coconuts and bija. For the year 1958, the José Paiewonsky e Hijos cxa joint stock company was created.

Over the years, the firm has expanded the range of export products and thus conceives the creation of various branches of business.

Being exporters of green coffee, in 1984; Passionate about the coffee theme, the sons enter the roasted and ground coffee business, offering the market a coffee option for the Dominican consumer.

For the year 1985, the production of candles and candles was introduced to the product range, which later became a free export zone for candles and candles as well as sales for the local market (Hartwick Financial Corp.).