Monte Real - Arabica Gourmet Coffee, Flavored Ground Coffee, Fresh Roasted Coffee Grounds, Medium Dark Roast, Cacao Flavor, 400 Grams

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EAN NUMBER: 7465722431069
  • Balanced Taste, Strong Aroma - Experience decadence with our arabica medium roast coffee. Infused with cacao, this arabica coffee is smooth yet has a bold aroma any coffee connoisseur will adore.
  • No Bitter Aftertaste - Our Dominican Coffee is expertly blended with no bitter aftertaste. Every sip of this medium-roasted ground coffee offers the premium creamy delight that you deserve. 
  • Enjoy Hot or Cold - Whip up your energizing morning fix with our premium coffee. Whether you’re craving a piping hot cup or iced cold coffee, our blend gives you a caffeine kick the way you want it. 
  • Quality Arabica from Farm to Cup - Our arabica beans are produced through meticulous, natural processes under the most excellent growing conditions at the highest altitudes of the Dominican Republic.
  • Roasted to Perfection - Since 1943, we’ve been using a secret Dominican recipe for our fresh roasted coffee. The fusion of Dominican Cocoa and our fresh coffee beans creates irresistible flavors.


Break the morning monotony of same-old brew. You deserve a wonderful cup of Monte Real Gourmet Coffee to wake you every day!

Its invigorating aroma, smooth texture, and full-bodied flavor will reintroduce you to coffee-drinking and take the experience to new heights - from the first sip up to the last drop. It’s the ideal coffee to kickstart your day or to reawaken your senses midday!

Incomparable Flavor and Aroma

Lovingly cultivated, meticulously handpicked, and expertly roasted, our roasted coffee delivers pure bliss. With a light touch of cacao flavor, it offers a perfectly balanced taste and a refreshing aroma like no other.

A Versatile Pick Me Up

Make an icy cold or a warm cup of your favorite caffeinated drink with our gourmet flavored coffee grounds. It leaves no bitter aftertaste. You can enjoy its smoothness and creaminess even without the extras such as creamer or sugar.

A True Delight for Coffee Lovers

Committed to ensuring the finest quality of premium ground coffee, Monte Real Coffee goes through rigorous processes of selecting coffee beans and meticulous roasting.

We process our coffees in a state-of-the-art facility in the Cibao region adhering to the strictest standards of quality. It’s a secret family blend kept and passed on for over 40 years now.

Reinvigorate your palate with the balanced flavors and luscious taste of a cup of Monte Real Gourmet Coffee. Order a bag now!